How do I create awareness of time, when time flies by faster and faster - tempus fugit. In an increasingly accelerated world, where time runs through our fingers like sand, one appointment chases another, performance is the new gospel. Moments of reflection are rare.


“Büchsenstop” confronts us in public spaces. In the style of a one armed bandit it awakens our curiosity and invites us to interact - “Schau’ ma mal!” Let’s take a look! Disbursing small cards of proverbs, an invitation to slow down for a moment, to reflect, to contemplate.

To ensure an efficient production, mounting and refilling, the apparatus consists of very little parts, that combine various functions. The handle for example not only triggers the output of a card, but it also connects all parts, making only one screw neccessary. The robust case consists of two sheet metal parts, that also guide the card to the output tray.