Lighting conditions in the surrounding environment are of utmost importance to the human organism. Bright cold light emitted from above, enhances concen-tration and attention. In the evening, our attention span and concentration slow down, so light should be adjusted, taking on a warmer tone, in order to keep in line with our biorhythm. LED makes it possible to create lighting with diverse scenarios, therefore enhancing health and the feeling of well being.

master's thesis — 2016


”Lichtwerkzeug“ enables the user to freely adjust the light direction in a room. For example, with an analog control element, the colour temperature of light can be adjusted and switched from accent to ambient.

The playful and intuitive possibility of regulating a light source, enhances awareness of adjusting lighting to ones own needs.

The spot light follows the control element and evaluates the detected colour ratio. Red defines a warm white tone and blue, a cool white light. Accordingly, the light temperature is adjusted from the light fixture. When two yellow surfaces are recognised, separated by a line in the yellow field of the control element, the ceiling light switches on the ambient lighting. Light can also be redirected by the use of a reflector.