The experimental vehicle “TILT” was developed for the annual Shell-Eco-Marathon. In 2012 over 200 teams from 24 countries attempted to send the most fuel efficient vehicles to the race. After successful participation in Rotter-dam, TILT received the Design Award of the competition.


two hub motors,

500 watts each

length: 2,50 m

width:  1,33 m

height: 1,30 m

team project — 2012

The inclination of the steering, a functional and form giving element, gave Tilt it’s name.

In order to avoid elaborate and costly moulded structural elements, a poly-gonal chassis was chosen. This way, large flat materials could be used, like recyclable honeycomb boards made of bio plastics.

In the team of 12 students, my responsibility was mostly focused on design and realisation of the vehicle lighting.

The indicators sit behind the trans- lucent chassis made out of bioplastics

Another focus of my work laid on the design and implementation of the dashboard and instrument panel.  To keep the weight as low as possible, the instrument panel consists of an aluminum frame, which is covered with a fabric and in its shape follows the curved windshield.